Backfill Grout Mixing Equipment

Backfill Grout Mixing Equipment is important part of Grout Solution Transport. We can design equipment to suit the needs and budget according to the project of the customer. We can supply used equipment for customer as well.


Backfill Grout Material

UMAT understands the performance requirements and the difficulties our customers have in designing specific grouts, whether single component, active and non-active, A+B grout mixes, etc based on the TBM equipment and logistics available. UMAT have a full range of admixtures to suit all backfill grout application methods, together with experts in the field to support you all the way.


Soil Conditioning Foams / Clay dispersants

UMAT understand how the geological conditions can change from one advance to the very next and the need to adjust technology parameters [ FIR & FER ] such as using Soil Conditioning Foams to ensure the highest excavation efficiency of all soil types, whether sandy silt, clay or highly abrasive rock.

Tail Grease Products

We offer a selection of tail grease products inclusive of first fill grade suitable foruse in shielded tunnel boring machine (TBM), where wire brushes are used to form a barrier between the tail shield and concrete segments. Our tail grease products effectively seal off any ingress of water, muck and backfill grout back into the tailend of the TBM. The tail grease range shows excellent adhesion properties to all substrates and good pumping properties.


Water swelling Rubber Sealing

A countless of joints can be produced while sealing segment joints. The construction works such as subways, water supply and sewer systems in cities are likely to be required for water-expanding sealant materials that would provide a superior watertight performance for underground construction. The design for water-stop and pressure is also critical in order to prevent a leak of water from concrete joints.



Sprayed Concrete

Concrete Admixture Technology

Our Global Construction Chemicals partnership have been specially developed using cutting edge technology for all types of Sprayed Concrete. They are especially effective where only poor quality aggregate and sand grading are available and significantly enhance the ultimate performance.

Sprayed Concrete 2

Sprayed Concrete Accelerators

UMAT supply accelerators for high performance alkali-free accelerators and sodium silicate base for Sprayed Concrete applications. With a typical dosage rate of 5% – 6%, its unique function also suppresses dust development, providing for a cleaner working environment.


Microsilica extensively used in shotcrete? applications. Benefits are numerous, both in the dry and wet processes:

* Reduced rebound

* Increased cohesiveness and stickiness

* Less dust generation

* Increased layer thickness

* Reduced need for accelerator

* Improved wash-out resistance

* Improved bond to substrate and reinforcement * Improved properties of hardened concrete, including strength and durability


Sprayed concrete 3 Sprayed concrete 4 Sprayed Concrete 1

Grouting & Injection

Water ingress in tunnels can have catastrophic consequences to the structural integrity, the surrounding environmental area, safety and to the cost of a project. This has created a demand for higher performance grouting materials.

Injection 1

UMAT have full range of pre and post injection technologies to suit all rock and soil conditions, including Grout Enhancing Admixtures, bentonite, sodium silicate, microsilica solution, microfine and ultrafine cements, colloidal silica gels, polyurethanes, acrylic gels and combination grouts.

Grouting & Injection 2


Injection 3 Injection 4




UMAT have solutions to enhance concrete placing efficiency and optimizes overall concrete performance for all types and grades of pre-cast, pumped and conventional concrete (CVC), roller compacted concrete (RCC) and sprayed concrete.

Hydropower Dam

Hydropower 4

Hydropower 3


Other Line Products

We also supply various construction materials such as cement, roof tile, gabion, steel and many more. We guarantee our products are high quality and assessed the international standard.